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New: Instant Messages & Videochat

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One On One Chat / Videochat

New ! Now You Can Send Instant Messages To Other Online Members !

How does it work ? Website members can now send each other instant messages,
same style as on all popular messengers like Yahoo or MSN, and if you do have
a webcam you can even include a live videopicture from you into the chat!

1.Log into the system, with your username and password ,otherwise it will not work.

2.Now all users which are currently online, will display a link in theire profile saying:
" I'm Online, Chat With Me " :

You may use the " Who'z Online " function to look for online users...

3.Now simply click on this link to contact this person.

4.When a user gets contacted, first this message will display on his screen:

To accept messages click yes,otherwise just click no

5.In a second window you may be asked wheter you would like to allow the system to access your
webcam and microphone, for beeing included into the chat.

You can click on "Allow" or "Deny" then close the window. If you have no webcam or micro just close the window.

If you click on yes, you can still controll your webcam at anytime laters in the chat, by switching it on and off.

6.After that, the chat window will display, where you can enter text and send it directly to
your chatpartner,you have severall functions there which are pretty much self explaining.
just try and have fun !!


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