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Kissing Tip


A walkie Talkie Kiss....

Suprise your sweeteart by walking up to her bedroom window at night if she lives away from you or wake her up quietly if she is living with you. Once she comes outside or wakes up grab her by the hand...make sure you don't scare her to death !!... look her straight in the eye and tell her how much you love her. Then slowly take a walk under the stars and end the night off with a gentle kiss.

Kiss in the rain till the sun shines through

One day when it's raining - lay a bet with your sweet heart that you can kiss in the rain and not stop kissing till the sun shines through..try it its fun!!

Surprise surprise !!

So your date loves surprises...hmm...give your date 3 envelopes...tell her to pick one for a very special date...and yes ...this will be a surprise because all three envelopes will have the same message...a big kiss !! They'll love it!

Kissing Contest

Spark your competitive side and bet on a contest with your sweetie. The challenges can be anything from who blows the biggest bubble to video games to doing the craziest jigs. Have the loser bestow kisses on the winner after every hour...and if the loser forgets , reduce the interval from an hour to every half an hour and so on...this way you both get to booggee!

Beach party at home !!

Borrow your little cousin's small plastic swimming pool...without the cousins, of course!! and voila !! you are in business...get into your bathing suits, make your favourite beach cocktail, put on some Richard Clayderman, baby oil each other up, and pretend you are on the beach. The fun starts when you start splashing around and kissing in the pool. Turn the lights down low like the sun has set, and have fun in the pool.

Wake up kiss

So your partner fell asleep when with you? Grrr...instead of shaking , biting , or tickling them to get up, just press your lips to thier's. Your sweetie will be startled, but extremely pleased. After seeing the affect, you'll forget how annoyed you were


Hmm...so you don't dig bowling but really, going bowling on one of your dates is the cutest and funniest things. Before your sweetie bowls, tell them that if they get a strike then you'll treat them with the most passionate kiss ever. Then they'll want to get a strike even more and both you guys will be happy from your kisses along with your bowling scores!...and you thought bowling was no fun at all.

Movies kissy!!

All you science fiction lovers ,this is definitely not for you !! Take your date to a really romantic movie...every time they kiss in the movie, kiss your sweetie one time. ...every time they kiss raise your kissing to two times a kiss... three times a kiss ect...

Now...now...you really don't want to watch the likes of Predator and Godzilla...do you?

Kiss with a view

Find a secluded hill with a nice veiw and climb to the peak with your sweetie...nooo, you are not supposed to push your sweetie from the hill top. You can just sit, talk ,cuddle and KISS !

Kissing fish style!

It's time to brush up your fishing skills...well not in the real sense...all you need to do take your date to the Aquarium and look at the cute fish then take a stroll and give each other sweet little kisses like the little fishes do.

Tasty treat...

Pick a few foods that you enjoy....don't show it to your sweetheart. Now comes the the fun part!! Eat a piece of something you like...and then ask you sweetie to guess what kind of food it was by kissing (and tasting) the other person...yummy, isn't it ?

Kissing contest...

Ah..hah...your kind of contest...right? All you have to do is kiss each other for as long as you can....now that's not tough !! Whoever comes up for breath or breaks away first loses!! So happy kissing !!

Kissing Maniac !!

This is the best kind of mania you'll ever experience !! While in a conversation with your love, lean over close to them, placing a soft, gentle kiss on their lips between each word...it will take time to get your word across but what the hell...this one is really worth a try!!

The Big Tease

Hmm...so you like to tease your partner crazy??... then this one is for you...give them a nice long hug then put your face next to your sweetie and move your lips slowly towards the mouth...well, the fun has just begun !! First kiss your sweetie's cheek, then the corner of the mouth... and please do all this real slowly and not like an Rocket !!By now your partner will be putty in your hands !! Kiss your sweetheart full on the lips and...well you can take it from there!! Anticipation makes this a true, passionate experience!

Post-It Kiss

We bet you haven't tried this before ...put up as many Post-Its as possible. You can stick them anywhere your love will see them. Put lip prints, XOXOXO, or whatever catches your fancy. Have fun !!

Sealed With A Kiss !!

Write a love note to your sweetheart and place it in an envelope, then drip a generous amount of melted wax onto the back of it. Before it sets, press your lips into the wax...make sure the wax is not too hot !! and Voila...you have a luscious pair of lips to present to your sweetie !!

Leave it where it's sure to get noticed

Doggie Kiss

Ask your partner if he/she likes dogs...and cross your fingers while they answer ...hopefully he/she will say yes...go ahead even if he/she says no !!

Get real close to his/her face trying to look serious, then lick him/her right on the cheek as a joke...then start breathing like a dog, and kiss her again right on the lips. Hopefully they'll think it's romantic and just might return the favour !

Palmfull of kisses!!

Tell your sweetie that you just read a book on how to tell their future by reading their palm...but please make sure that you are not suffering from the pinnochio syndrome !!!

Take your love's hand in yours and trace the lines on it with your pointer finger ...hang on, this only gets better !!...look into his/her eyes and when you are both looking straight at each other, draw a heart with your finger on his/her hand. Then kiss them...wherever and however you want to !!


Do not fret ...you don't have to be a soprano to do this...even a besura voice would do !!

Put on a favorite song, and with you and your partner's

Sporty Kiss...

If you and your sweetheart both like different sports teams you can use this to your advantage.Everytime your team scores give your sweetheart a kiss and vice versa. Avoid games likes cricket...to avoid overexertion !! Who would have thought ...sports could be so much fun !!

Tickle Kiss

Is your partner extremely ticklish on certain spots...goodie...then it's time to have some fun !!... a kiss on those areas only makes them squirm and laugh even more! So find out how many ticklish spots your partner has with your lips!...We are sure you'll like his very very much !!

Shut Up



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