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A Warning
A notice to all members from Diani Dating Legal Department

Any profiles which contain the following will be deleted immediately...
  • Pornographic/Vulgar/Provocative pictures or textural material uploaded in the Dating profile.
  • Pictures which do not belong to the author of the profile , do not represent the author in any manner.
  • Pictures which have been taken from existing profiles and do not belong to the author.
  • Fake information displayed in order to defame users or non-users. i.e phone numbers or e-mail adresses which do not belong to the author of the profile.
If you have ever created a fake profile to defame other users or non-users by publishing blasphemous information about them or by providing phone numbers that create a nuiscance - please get it deleted now. The cyber crime branch can and will be provided with any information required to trace you and hold you legally liable. In order to get that profile deleted - please send a mail to dating@diani.info and the profile will be deleted - no questions asked.
As a decent user - if you come across information of the nature described above - please send us a mail at dating@diani.info right away and we will take the neccessary action.

Let's make Dating a clean & healthy experience for all.



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